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When your heating system gets as old as the one above, there's one obvious choice, time for a new one.  In this case, we removed this " prehistoric" oil fired boiler and replaced it with a high efficiency gas unit.  This home features cast iron radiators, much larger than normal supply and return piping, resulting in a high water volume system.  By installing a hydronic separator, we eliminate the need of having a high water mass boiler and are able to install the Energy Kinetics EK-1 gas boiler for many of years of quiet, clean and fuel saving operation.  

After 20 hard working winters, the burner components and integrity of this gas steam boiler were compromised beyond repair.  Our customer has a unique system in their home, a 2 in 1.  In addition to having steam, they also have a separate zone of hot water baseboard.  The previous was using the domestic hot water coil to heat the baseboard loop.  We replaced the boiler, but no need for another hot water coil, instead,  we were able to pipe the baseboard loop into the "wet leg" of the boiler to ensure continuous heat for both the steam part of the house and hydronic baseboard loop.  

After 22+ years in service, this heating system started to develop many different service issues.  Although all repairable, the decision was made to instead put the repair money towards a new efficient heating system.  In this case, we removed a 20+ year old gas boiler and replaced it with some modern technology.  Additionally, upgraded the electric hot water heater to a 40 gallon storage tank that is heated by the new high efficiency boiler.  

Even though this system was running and not due for replacement, it was a much needed upgrade for the homeowners.  From the power venter, instead of a chimney, exhausting oil fumes under a deck outside to the under sized hot water storage tank, unable to fill jacuzzi tub, this one had us scratching our heads.  The homeowners could not sit outside on their deck without the pungent smell from the boiler causing them to hurry back inside.  We converted the system to propane, upgraded the size of the hot water tank, to ensure being able to use the jacuzzi tub and as a bonus, freed up some space in the basement by removing the oil tank.  

Ductless Heating & Cooling

The perfect alternative for electric heating.   A ductless comfort solution that provides heating and cooling from the same indoor unit and cuts down on your utility bill.  These units are quiet, clean and most importantly, energy efficient.  Most equipment qualifies for rebates from our local utility companies as well as a tax credit known as the Inflation Reduction Act.   


Blissful Homes Heating & AC is a Mitsubishi Elite Diamond Contractor and are able to offer our customers an industry leading 12 year warranty on both parts & compressors.  

Don't forget to take advantage of our 0% APR 18, 36 & 60 month financing.  



Below are some examples of the many different indoor and outdoor configurations.  

Our Mitsubishi Ductless Installations

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